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What is ISO 22000:2005 & HACCP?

About ISO 22000:

ISO 22000:2005 is an International Standard for Food Safety Management Systems.

ISO 22000 is related to food hazards which could be present during utilization. It is applicable to all small, medium and large size food Industries.

ISO 22000 is designed to help in customer satisfaction by continuously upgrading quality of food product.

ISO 22000 focuses on monitoring of quality of food products and its objectives

ISO 22000 is simple and easy to implement

About HACCP:

Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a structured method and management system for food safety.

HACCP is a method to identify food contamination and food hazards.

HACCP methods are worldwide acknowledged and used food safety principles during manufacturing, processing, distributing and before consuming.

HACCP implementation controls toxic infection, which increases life of the food products.

HACCP is a safe step to control food and pharmaceutical products in a scientific and realistic manner.

HACCP principles controls and identifies the criticality involved in manufacturing and services process for food safety.

Who can implement ISO 22000 & HACCP?

Fisheries & Meat Products

Milk & Milk Products

Food Processing Industries

Farms & Poultry Products

Food & Agro Manufacturing Industry

Beverages Manufacturing

Packaging Industries

Frozen Foods

Canned Foods

Hotels & Restaurants


Catering Firms


Logistics & Transportation

Food Suppliers

Benefits of ISO 22000 & HACCP:
  1. It establishes food safety management system (FSMS)
  2. To deliver safe and hygiene food products
  3. To enhance customer satisfaction
  4. It helps in clear & easy access to the system
  5. Traceability throughout the supply chain
  6. Managing Food safety hazard
  7. Helps to reduce production cost
  8. Helps to reduce wastages
  9. Continues improvement in production
  10. Global recognisation for products
  11. Acts as a marketing tool for the company
  12. Customers gets safe products for consumption