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What is DGS&D?

DGS&D is a central government purchase & quality assurance organization under government of India (Ministry of Commerce). DGS&D registers vendor/firms for supplying various products through rate contract. It covers almost all the sectors of manufactured products.

DGS&D registers manufacturers, traders & importers as vendors to supply products under rate contract.

The objective of the DGS&D registration is to have genuine suppliers who are technically and financially strong and able to provide quality products to the consignee on time.

Benefits of DGS&D

This registration is considered and approved by all Government Departments

Products are supplied under approved rate contract.

Supply of larger quantity without going through the repeated tendering procedure.

Minimum marketing efforts.

Uniform pricing policy.

Prior information on tenders.

Opportunity to supply products in bulk.

Registration is granted based on manufacturing or marketing agreements

The foreign manufacturing firms can also be registered if they provide after sale support on time.

Tender enquiries are sent to DGS&D registered firms only; such tenders are not globally advertised.

Exemption of earnest money deposit.

Exemption of security deposit.