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Halal is an Arabic word that simply means 'permitted' or 'lawful'. It is the responsibility of a Muslim to ensure that any food consumed or any businesses performed in their daily lives are clean & hygienic. Halal indicates cleanliness in aspects to all kind of products and services. It is the new benchmark for quality.

Halal certified products refers to the trade of quality products & services that have met precise internationally accepted standards in production and hygiene, cleanliness, safety, nutrition and is produced stringently under the requirements of the Islamic Law.

Halal is not only for meat products. However, Halal terms is used in relation to food products, meat products, cosmetics, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, food contact materials, restaurants, hospital, banks and other services.

Halal Certification is recognition that the products are permissible under Islamic law.

It is an authoritative and reliable testimony to support food manufacturers' claim that their products have met strict Halal requirement by the Shariah Law.

The certified Halal food products are not only accepted domestically but are marketable to worldwide Halal consumers. This creates an opportunity for export products in such countries which do not permit entry of non-Halal food product. Halal products are not only used by Muslim customers but also non-Muslim customers.

Benefits of HALAL Certification
Products covered under Halal Certification
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